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New Platform Announcment

Openview is proud to announce that its software suite is now available on Android Phones and Tablets. You can purchase and download these apps from the following locations.

Click here to see them on Amazon


 Click here to see them on Google Play


or just seach for "Openview Publishing" on Amazon or Google Play.


Windows App Catalog
        Click Here to See Apps
Openview also has an online Catalog of Windows Apps. You can select Apps from our Catalog and purchase and download to use immediately. If you want to have these apps on your Windows 7 computer then buy them here.

If you are a user of Windows 7 or 8 , Windows XP or Windows Vista these apps will execute on your computer.

Just Click the Catalog button and see what we have to offer.

We are Experts in Apple and Windows and Android Apps

sample imageOur products are available in the iTunes , and Windows 8 store, Amazon and Google stores and cover a wide range of applications.  We offer a wide selection of quality products at a small price. If you are a Real Estate Agent , a student , Business Owner, or Investor you will love our apps. They are simple to use , come with examples and there is no start time required before you can use them. We have thousands of users and they all say the same thing "I really got my money's worth with this purchase." Many of our apps have free components, it cost you nothing to download them to begin. Try it , you will like it.

Just seach for "Openview Publishing " in Itunes, the Windows Store, Amazon or Google Play.

Windows 8 - IPad - Iphone - Android Devices

What's Included -Databases

Openview DatabaseEach comes with a database so you can store individual cases , financial scenarios , properties , leases or investments depending on the case. Cases are retrieved and saved automatically , you just select what you want to study. These database are designed for each application whether it be tracking real estate expenses and paymnets or commissions. Using the database is easy and is transparant to you the user.

Reports are Included

Reports Each app comes with a report generator where you can view the reports and then email them and in some cases you can email screen prints of results. Reports have been customized for each application. You will have extensive records of your study results.

Graphical Plots of Results

Some of our Apps contain graphical plots of data which can be copied and emailed. See BizTools and MathView , they contain numberous functions that plot results of forecasts and financial projects.


Openview Publishing maintains a rigorous research and development program aimed at useful applications for our customers. We are dedicated to providing the best apps in the marketplace. We have many years experience in applications and that is what gives us our edge.




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