Rental Manager Suite of Apps

Rental Manager contains the necessary functions you need to manage your Rental Property. The software has been developed by real estate experts and designed for you. It is easy to use , provides the data you need and at the same time it is comprehensive.


Renal Manager Free
Rental Manager

If you own rental property? or are you a property manager? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple easy to use way to manage rental property. You can select and save up to 30 properties. This app also includes a report function that allows you to generate a PDF report for the current property and then email this report. You can also review and edit the report before emailing it.

Rental Manager plus
Rental Manager Plus

This app contains a full data base management system for maintaining your rental property. It has a customer data base , lease data base, data base for expenses and payments. You can assign customers to leases and leases to properties. You can enter individual expenses and individual customer payments and the app will track your weekly and monthly profit and cash flows. Extensive report options are provided to help you view what is happening to your rental properties. This can handle all types of properties - buildings , individual rentals , condos , vacation rentals and other types of rentals.

Rental Negotiator
Rental Negotiator

Rental Negotiator is designed specifically for you to negotiate leases. This is a unique app , it is an app thousands of renters and landlords need. Using this app you can scientifically know whether you are getting a good deal on your lease or not. It has a built in negotiator for you as a tenant or you as a landlord. It will tell you how much you are really apart in your negotiation. This application is designed for you to value a lease and to compare one lease to another. It is written in the context of Tenant and Landlord. You may be a Tenant and want to negotiate a new lease with your Landlord or vice versa. It is general so it can be used to compare any two leases.  This app also includes a complete lease contract report generator.

Rental Investor
Rental Investor 

With Rental Property Investor you can select from up to 30 different properties to study. You can save and recall each property and study different scenarios for each. It also includes the only 'one of a kind' Negotiator Spinner and Planner Spinner to allow you to study a property's investment profile by simple touch spinning - it will amaze you. And that's not all, it now comes with a built in report generator and PDF maker. You can email reports to yourself or any one else. It is powerful and simple to use, you will love this app.  

This suite also contains a powerful Rental Finance App and a App to model your Capital Gain when you sell a property. Both these Apps have many functions within including Amortization , Financial Calculator , IRR calculations and interest rate modeling.