Win8Calc and Win7Calc The World's Most Powerful Calculators

Win8Calc and Win7Calc are  powerful , feature rich comprehensive calculators. It is a financial calculator, it is a scientific calculator, it is a business calculator, a personal finance calculator, math calculator and contains a mind boggling number of calculations. This app contains spectacular graphing of mathematical functions, you can see and visualize the problems you are solving.  Win8Calc is designed for Windows 8 and Win7Calc is designed for Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. Both calculators have the same functionality. You can buy Win7Calc now directly from our App Catalog Store.

Win8calc and Win7Calc plots functions, definite integrals and derivatives. It is easy to do ,you can type in an equation, it is interpreted and parsed and a graph of the equation is displayed. You can see the function plots, the area the is integrated and the derivative on the graph.  It also plots statistics – regression and five probability distributions – Binomial, Chi Squared, Student’s t, Normal and Poisson.  You can also solve for roots of functions and  display the results on graphs.

 The Statistics function provides as output all the important statistics you need. It automatically provides four regression models as part of the solution. You can select the models you wish to use and forecast data using the results. It is all you need for statistics.Stock Import allows you to enter a Stock Symbol and evaluate Stocks instantly. The calculator will import the current stock data and will provide a valuation based on your expected growth rate and return expectations , it is simple and fast , you will like it.

 There is a whole series of functions for your personal financial planning – retirement, mortgage , investments and monthly budgets. There is nothing left out.  The financial calculator is comprehensive and contains every function you need. Win8Calc is so easy to use. There are built in examples. Navigation is simple, it is intuitive. You can see the answers quickly.

Win8CalC World's Greatest Calculator
 Contains both a Scientific and a Financial Calculator Easy to use Unit Conversion is included  Calculus functions including definite integral, derivative, roots of equations , series
 Over 100 built in functions and formulas covering Physics, Finance, Real Estate, Sales and Marketing, Capital Investment, and Inventory Control and Math

Contains advanced functions of cube root, math series (Taylor and Maclaurin), factorial, permutations and combinations

 Solves f(x) = o for roots of any general equation
 Contains an Advanced Equation Parser

Basic calculator functions including all trigonometric and logarithm functions


Personal Finance functions of Annuity, Retirement and 401K, Bonds, Capital Gain and Credit Card

 An extensive equation library is included covering algebra, finance, geometry, physics, trig and business applications containing over 80 equations

Time Value of Money – Present and Future Value, Payment, Interest and Term calculations with easy to use menus


 Capital Recovery, Sinking Fund and Discounted Notes calculations for business planning
You can add, edit  and save your own equations in the library Contains Stock Import and Valuation and Stock Option Analysis It is Easy to Use and Quick with built in examples with simple layout that is intuitive
Contains comprehensive Statistical Analysis functions with regression and forecasting

Contains many advanced financial calculations for Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, Amortization, Mortgage Payment, Compounding, Refinance, and Interest Rate Conversion

Popup windows on each screen for help

For Everyone – Students, Businessmen ,Teachers , Realtors , and Investors and all your Personal Finance needs. Nothing is left out  , it is easy to use and intuitive. It is an essential Power Tool for your desktop.