Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions users have asked before. These answers might be helpful , otherwise please click on the help icon to send us an email to answer your question. We will repond quickly.

Where do I buy these Apps

You can buy the Windows 7 or XP apps directly from this website and download them  immediately. If your computer is using WIndows 8 you can purchase these apps from the WIndows 8 app store. You can also purchase apps that will run on the WIndows 8 desktop from this website.

For the iPad or iPone you purchase these apps from the iTunes store. Simply seach for "Openview" in the search option in iTunes.

Are you apps designed by experts?

Our apps are designed and programmed by experts in their fields covering real estate, finance, business and math. Our staff has over 30 years practical experience delivering applications of all types. That is why our apps are designed to solve your problems.

If I have a question or problem with an App can I get help?

Yes. Email your question or the problem you are having. We can answer it right away and if it is a problem with the app itself , we will fix it and upload a new verson which can download to your computer. These apps are being used by thousands of people , and our support record has been exceptional. You must email us for help before we can help you.

Many times we will enhance an app from user's suggestion so send us your suggestions , we would love to have them.

Your software is very useful , but I would like some other features.

Please email us what features you would like to see. In the past we have folded many of the user's suggestions into our products.